60-350: Introduction to Multimedia Systems
School of Computer Science, University of Windsor
Fall 2015, Instructor: Dr. Imran Ahmad

Students were given 30 images and were required to use at least 10 of these and any other images of their choice to design a poster.
Many of these images are from my personal collection and some other are taken (due to permissions) from Stock Vault
(all students may NOT have followed instructions). Note: Click an images to see its High Resolution version

Few of the students' prepared posters

Abdullah Chaudhry
Adham Ayman

Brandon Vatcher
Jarrett Robillard
Amy Dang

Jonathan Almeida
Maryam Jafari
Omar Babgio

Mahmudul Mithun
Naren Kukreja
Attah Barouq

Nikolay Momot
Sam Raskas
Denis Alam