60-350: Introduction to Multimedia Systems
School of Computer Science, University of Windsor
Fall 2013, Instructor: Dr. Imran Ahmad

Students were given 39 images and were required to use at least 13 of these and any of their choice. Most of these images are from my personal collection while some other are taken (as per terms of use) from Stock Vault. Students were required to follow a certain set of rules to design a poster. Note: Click the created image to see its High Resolution version

Few of the students' prepared posters

Andrew H.
Daylan D.
Eric A.

Caleb S.
Cole S.
Dhruv M.

Emad M.
Paul D.
James H.

Ibraheem H.
Jason K.
Jennalee L.

Ngoc Bao T.
Joshua C.
Kristen J.

Mohamed A.
Obinna M.
Osama A.

Peter C.
Ryan M.
Mohammed S.

Eric B.