60-350: Introduction to Multimedia Systems
School of Computer Science, University of Windsor
Fall 2007, Instructor: Dr. Imran Ahmad

Students were given 24 images and were required to use at least 8 of these and any of their choice.
Most of these images are from my personal collection while some other are taken (with permissions) from Stock Vault.
(As you can be the judge, not all of them followed instructions)
Note: Images posted are all low-resolution JPG images

Few of the students' prepared posters

Shermeen Baig
Evgueni Eugene Belianikine
Nikolaos Coutsos

Neha Garg
Ryan Hedderson
Harsh Jain

Xiao Ming Li
Matthew Malysa
Ainhoa Pagola

Race Christopher Grant
Rajendran Vinoj
Sehgal Raghav

Valon Sejdini
Stephanie Stiles Ann
Matthew Weiler

William McMahon
Yu Zhang